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Bhubaneswar: Married women across Odisha celebrated ‘Savitri Brata’ with great devotion and fervor fasting for their husbands on Saturday.

Resplendent in their new sarees, women made a beeline to the nearest temples since morning to pray to the deities seeking a long life for their husbands. Some women chose to invite priests and observe the rituals at home.

“Husband is akin to god. I feel lucky as I am praying for my hubby on this day,” gushed Subhashree, a woman in Bhubaneswar.

Another woman Radharani said, “I feel proud and wish spend my whole life as his wife.”

The scene was no different at the Sri Mandir in Puri. Women devotees from across the state thronged the temple to pray for the well-being of their husbands.

“I have come here without caring for the rain. I wish my ‘sindoor’ remains intact for the rest of my life,” said Manasi.

Even women inmates lodged at jails in the State celebrated the day wishing long life for their husband.

Sasmita, a woman jail inmate, said, “Jail authorities provided us saree and fruits. We are celebrating the day with a lot of happiness.”

People of the third sex in the city also did not miss out on the opportunity to celebrate the ‘Savitri Brata’. They worshipped the ‘Batabrukhya’ (banyan tree) as per the tradition.

Meera, a transgender, said, “We worship the guru who is god, parents and everything to us and observe the brata.”

“We accept the person who teaches us and shows us direction as guru and celebrate the brata to pray for his safety and well being,” said another transgender Priya.

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