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Unseen killer gives sleepless nights to Niali villagers

Cuttack: Rumours about some ‘unseen creature’ killing sheep and attacking humans of Niali in Cuttack district have been doing the rounds. Though a few sheep have been killed in the village no proof of the existence of the ‘unseen creature’ has yet been established.

Adding to the confusion is social media where fake photographs and morphed videos of the creature are going viral.

According to sources, some alien creature has allegedly been killing sheep in the area at night since the past two months. Recently some humans also were reportedly attacked. Though no one has seen it, many have been creating weird assumptions about existence of a dog like creature with long nails.

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“I felt burning sensation as the creature grabbed me by the throat and I am unable to remember whatever happened after that,” a resident of Maliasahi, Lakshmipriya Das said who also has not seen the creature.

“It a hyena or fox type animal. Anyone can use social media for spreading rumour so we should wait till we catch the creature or get strong proof about it,” said Professor of Animal Science, Ravenshaw University, Srikant Jena.

Fake or real, the spate of attacks and killings are giving locals sleepless nights. Equipped with sticks, they are guarding their houses at night. After receiving complaints, Forest department officials have been staying put at the village laying trap to catch the creature.

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