Cuttack: The Millennium City is abuzz with Kali Puja celebrations that began from Diwali night. Silver crafted backdrops or ‘medhas’ of Goddess Kali are attracting many devotees to the 70 odd puja mandaps here.

Among the various mandaps, the unique idol of the Goddess at Bakharabad Puja Mandap is particularly pulling crowd. Instead of Goddess Shyama Kali, here Maa Chhinnamasta is worshipped during Kali Puja. The Goddess is decorated with a lavishly crafted silver medha and exquisitely designed gold crown. The backdrop is quite different as well having trees, skeletons, wolves and owls as symbols of the Goddess.

"The celebrations in our Sahi is very different from others. We always feel the presence of the Goddess who is always with us during all difficult times. Previously, we were worshipping the Goddess a day before but now like other committees in the city we also begin the puja on the same day," said Kanhaiyalal Nanda, Secretary, Bakharabad Lok Mangal Committee.

This puja mandap is a special attraction for the people of the city. While the silver backdrops used to decorate Goddess Durga during Dussehra are used during Kali Puja in most mandaps in the city, Bakharabad Puja Mandap makes special silver medha only for Maa Chhinnamasta during Kali Puja.