Cuttack: When we talk about mouth-watering cuisines available during the historical Bali Jatra Fair, ‘Thunkapuri’ is the first dish to come to our mind. This food item is exclusive only to this week-long fair in the Silver City.

Thunkapuri stalls at the fair can be found on both the grounds of Bali Jatra. Special cooks come for the preparation of this food item during the week-long fair.

“I have been making the dish since 2007. Thunkapuri, Paneer Masala, Cauliflower fry and Chana Masala are famous dishes at our stall. Visitors come in large numbers to taste these. Special preparation with Atta and Maida makes Thunkapuri more delicious. Use of our hands in a special way makes its size this big,” said Ajay Behera, Thunkapuri Cook.

The owners of various sweets and food shops in the city put up stalls for Thunkapuri during Bali Jatra. This year they have set price of Rs 30 per Puri and extra Rs 30 each for Chhena Tarkari and Phula Kobi Bhaja.

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Shop Owner Jagannath Behera informed, “I have been making Thunkapuri from the times they were priced at Rs 3 apiece. Thunkapuri draws people to Bali Jatra. It is prepared in a very hygienic manner at our stall. No one can make this in their kitchens apart from the skilled chefs.”

Thunkapuri, accompanied mostly by Chhena Tarkari, has been a traditional food item of the festival and visitors coming here during this time of the year don’t miss out tasting this delicacy.

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“It is the most famous and traditional food of Bali Jatra. They freshly prepare it and serve it hot here so it has no ill impact on our health,” said Swayamshree Mohanty, a visitor.

So if you are coming to Cuttack during Bali Jatra, you should not forget to have Thunkapuri because you will not find this lovely dish any other time in the year.