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There was news, and then there were newsmakers. Somewhere, few and far between the tape loops there were some visuals which were uncommon, unusual and even uncanny.  Above all, they were some of the most awe-inspiring stories of 2017 and most-watched. Odishatv.in sifts through its timeline to bring you some of the popular videos.

  • Capturing life at malnutrition hit Nagada

A tribal dominated area in Jajpur district of Odisha, Nagada with three of its clusters – Upara Nagada, Majhi Nagada and Tala Nagada became the cynosure world over for wrong reasons – poverty coupled with malnourishment.



  • Badminton prodigy Roshan Singh

Odishatv.in travelled to Bolangir to meet Roshan Singh who was the 2015 sub-junior state champion in badminton.



  • Aishwarya beats odds to emerge Bolangir district topper in Class X

Aiming to be a doctor, Aishwarya Mishra, has her eyes set on a goal. Preparing for the flight, she became the topper in State Board of Secondary Education’s Class 10 examinations in eight districts and also secured third rank in the state in 2017.



  • Doctor turns Messiah for woman in Malkangiri

At a time when expectant mothers in several parts of Odisha struggled to reach hospitals due to poor road connectivity, a doctor set an example by reaching out to the patient himself to conduct the delivery in remote Malkangiri district



  • Unique micro snacks of Cuttack

One outlet in Cuttack dishing out staple evening snacks and making a major change in taste buds is the “Micro Dokaan” that’s turned a rage among food lovers for its micro sized Baras, Piajis, Singadas and Aluchops – all for only 50 paisa a piece.



  • Sports talents in Odisha's Malkangiri

Beyond the poor roads and lack of civic and health infrastructure among the tribal dwellings in the lap of Mother Nature who has spread her bounty everywhere in Malkangiri district, there are plenty of sporting talents here who have made it to numerous National events without even basic facilities



  • Farewell to a Dog who was more human than humans

Believe it or not, a dog in Jaunliapatty in Cuttack was given a grand farewell by local residents when it died on December 5.



  • Thunkapuri, a crowd puller at Bali Jatra

When we talk about mouth-watering cuisines available during the historical Bali Jatra Fair, ‘Thunkapuri’ is the first dish to come to our mind.



  • Odisha visually impaired cricket team’s story of struggle and success

Led by international all-rounder Md Jafar Iqbal, the Odisha visually impaired cricket team had won the national championship in 2016 and have been East Zone champions for six consecutive years. Three of the team members have played international cricket.



  • Cuttack's D Prakash Rao, an inspiring change maker

He might be a small-time tea seller, but D Prakash Rao has helped slum children in Cuttack in a big way to get education