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Bhubaneswar: In an open letter to former OPCC president Niranjan Patnaik, senior Congress leader Srikant Jena on Thursday said that he had not targeted the former while stating that mine looters exist in all political parties including his party.

"In an answer to a reporter's question I had said all parties that include Congress also. Why do you feel offended with it?" stated Jena in his letter.

Answering Patnaik's question on why he did not take any action on the issue when he was a Union Minister, Jena said that he was never a mute spectator. To prove his statement he also cited a social media link to Patnaik in the letter.

He further noted CBI probe into mining scam was not possible without the approval of the State government.

In reply to Jena's letter, Patnaik said he is not offended. He stated corruption amounting to crores of rupees has taken place in mining sector and Jena is right in pointing out that no one took any action against mining mafia.

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"Jena stated in his letter that he had tried for a CBI probe on the mining scam. Besides, he stated that he had not targeted me," said Patnaik, adding mass media is trying to create troubles unnecessarily.

Earlier, on Wednesday, Jena in his address to reporters on mining scam issues had claimed that mine looters exist in all political parties including the Congress.

Reacting to Jena’s allegation, Patnaik wanted to know why Jena was silent and didn’t ask for a CBI probe into the mining scam when he was a Union minister.

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