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New Delhi: Donning Santa Claus caps, separated conjoined twins from Kandhamal in Odisha, Jaga & Kalia looked adorable today as they move closer towards full-fledged recovery.

Pictures from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi showed both Jaga & Kalia wearing Santa Claus caps and celebrating Christmas on their parent’s laps.

Reports received from Hospital authorities earlier this month revealed that the process to discharge Jaga has begun while Kalia continues to show considerable signs of improvement.

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On the other hand, the health condition of Kalia was showing signs of considerable improvement. He was undergoing treatment at the general ward after being discharged from neonatal ICU, informed sources.

The twins were separated by a team of doctors at AIIMS after an 11-hour-long surgery on October 25. Odisha government has extended all financial support for the treatment of the twins.