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Bhubaneswar: In an attempt to regulate the operation of unmanned flying devices such as drones the Odisha government is drafting guidelines.

According to sources, the state is government is preparing the guidelines as per the International Civil Aviation Organisaton to restrict the use of the remote-controlled flying devices which is emerging as a major security threat.

Raising serious concern over the unrestricted use of drone, captain Raj Narayan Mohapatra, commercial pilot, said “If a drone is flying and it is not in the knowledge of the pilot, then there is a possibility of crash.”

“For flying a drone, the flier has to register himself at DGCA and get the required license. Besides, they have to get the approval of ATC for flying the drone,” Mohapatra added.

Though the use of drone is immensely useful in tracing out dead animals in dense forests, construction of dams, bridges and roads, and security of high rise and historical places, its adverse use cannot be ruled out.

For the first time, the Forest department had recently used a drone to trace out a body of a pachyderm, who succumbed due to anthrax, in the dense forest of Shimilipal.

Rudra Prasanna Mohapatra, state felicitator, Wildlife Trust of India, said, “With a limited staff, it is very much difficult to find out the body of a dead animal. So the arial surveillance is much needed to get a primary assessment. As we cannot use helicopter, drone is very much useful for us.”

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Saroj Mohanty, a drone user, said, “We are using the drone at place which is inaccessible. Besides, we are using it to take top shots in movies.”