Bhubaneswar: From Pattachitra printed outfits to fusion of Sambalpuri and Kalamkari fabrics and tribal jewellery, a wide range of indigenous items are now at display at Bhubaneswar Club in the capital city.

In a bid to promote handicrafts and handlooms of Odisha, an exhibition of these items along with agro-products is being organised by fashion designer Jyoshna Das and entrepreneur Ipsita Sahu.

“This is the first time we are organising an exhibition and plans are afoot to organise such exhibitions outside the state as well. We want to encourage the farmers, weavers and artisans of Odisha. My products include Pattachitra Sarees and outfits designed with fusion of Sambalpuri and Kalamkari fabrics with an essence of Odisha” said Jyoshna.

Entrepreneur Ipsita Sahu on the other hand is showcasing various tribal jewelleries and is also trying to promote the local culture and heritage of the State through the exhibition.

“We are having various agricultural and homemade products along with tribal jewellery. We work directly with farmers by making them aware about new technologies and give them the direct market linkage. Homemade products of urban poor women that usually don’t get a proper market are also being promoted,” said Ipsita.

“The tribal jewellery go really well with traditional and modern outfits and gives a very unique look so these are in good demand especially from the youngsters,” Ipsita further added.

Visitors coming to this two-day fair also seem to be very happy with such kind of an exhibition that promotes ethnic and rural products and provides farmers, artisans an opportunity to sell their unique items on a wider platform.

“This is a very good initiative by the organisers. I have also purchased a few products as they are organic in nature,” said a visitor Dhaneswar Mohapatra.

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