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Sambalpur: To keep the water level in check, the Hirakud Dam authorities today opened five more sluice gates to release excess water from the reservoir into the basin due to increase in inflow following heavy rainfall in the upstream of river Mahanadi.

The surplus water is currently being released through eight gates. Two gates were opened in the morning today and three more an hour after, Chief Engineer of Hirakud Dam Hara Mohan Pradhan said.

After a ceremonial puja, the dam authorities opened two gates initially on Sunday and one more in the evening on the same day to release season's first flood water from the reservoir.

Depending on the quantity of rainfall in upper catchment of the river, more gates may be opened in future to maintain water level in the dam, he added.

He said the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is being followed while opening the gates and all the districts in lower catchment area of the river have been appraised about it

The water level in the reservoir is being constantly monitored, he added.

The water level of Hirakud stood at 608.37 ft on Monday as against the full reservoir level of 630 ft. While inflow of water into the reservoir was 16,1757 cusecs, outflow was 114123 cusecs.,

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