Devbrat Patnaik

An enthusiasm that was electrical to say the least, the energy that vented through his vocabulary as much as through his songs and the restlessness that’s unlikely of a singer, are rare combinations found only in a man like Sukhwinder Singh. The singer considered a synonym of versatility with an unmatched vocal range has given Bollywood most of the power-packed songs made in the last couple of decades - songs that brim with verve and life. As went to have a tête-à-tête with the Singer during his visit to Bhubaneswar today for a performance, he was all set to kick start the conversation with a ‘Jai Bajrang Bali’.

Odisha & Its People

I have been to Bhubaneswar several times and noticed two special things here. Till now the public has remained safe from the traffic problem that people in other states are facing. This I think is my 15th visit to the state and every time I have landed at the airport, I find a peaceful atmosphere. The people here are very good. The heritage look of Odisha, the devotional feel, the architecture and the city of Bhubaneswar give us so much knowledge about the history of India. It is really very attractive, these idols speak of the history of Odisha as well as India. I love easy life, the life of Bhubaneswar and the greenery here. There's actually peace here. From our childhood, we have been listening to one of the renowned classical singers from Odisha Sunanda Patnaik and I quite adore her.

Music and Inspiration

I developed interest in music ever since I started listening. Music attracted me. Music first entered my body, then DNA, then my throat and when I started singing, it touched the hearts of the people.

Riyaaz Matters

I have invented and developed a style. It may be a process of exercise, but I would call it a style of practice- 'Riyaaz'. I have been a 100 mt racer and attended many All-India level camps. Yes, I am a sportsperson also. I combined both the qualities and am using it. So, the practice I do is very sports-like. But I must also accept that the more I relax on bed, the more energy I gain and that helps me in my singing.

An ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, Sukhi Paaji carries a picture of Shivji all along, even on to the stage during his performance. For the Singer there’s a connect between peace, consistency and belief in God which made him fall in love with God. Regular puja for him is sacrosanct!

On Choosing A Song

I love working with people who are little naughty! I love clean-hearted persons. I would love to work with them who are energetic and have positive vibes. I perform well because I don't choose songs, I choose people. It’s automatic that the music becomes magical and polished.

Music Is Madness

"Gaane Mein Deewangi Honi Chahiye." One who has not fallen in love, cannot make other persons fall in love.

Rap As A Genre

Rap is used since ages and originated from the ‘Chhand' used in the Joy Dance of Lord Krishna – Raasleela. But, the trend has changed now. Now they are using a few objectionable words like drugs, cocaine, and liquor. But with Prasoon Joshi being the chief of Central Board of Film Certification, these songs will soon get buried.

A few things have sprung up in music these days like traffic, adulterated food and Auto-tuners. These have given rise to a new format that help non-singers through Auto-tuner. "Jo besuron ko Sur mein kardeta hai."

Upcoming Singers

I don't find any good talented singer. Currently, girls are ruling the music industry. Yes, there is Arijit Singh and two or three male singers who entered Bollywood a couple of years ago, but 90 percent is dominated by girls, especially from West Bengal. I have heard a few girls off-mike as well, and they sing really well. There is natural talent, but some are completely dependent upon these auto-tuner machines.

Riyaaz Tips For The New Generation

Getting up early in the morning, I think is the key and a minimum of 45 mins Riyaaz (practice) is fine. One should be awake at least by 6 or 7 am as the oxygen level is best till 8 am, and pollution increases as the day progresses.

Hard work leads to success is a wrong statement. I would say correct hard work leads to success. Act will never give you fruits, but correct act will.

My advice to people will be to stay away from tobacco and its products as these are poison for all those who want to sing.There's no result whether you wake up early in the morning or you practice for hours if you are addicted to such things.

Odia Song

I have sung a James bond style, dashing & dynamic Odia song two three months back. But I cannot reveal more about it and I don’t remember that much as I am used to singing in Hindi language.