Odishatv Bureau

Bargarh: A lot of people may remember the raids conducted on jails across Odisha last year in which a large haul of narcotics and other objectionable items were seized. It was a warning for jail authorities to mend their ways but it seems to have had no effect on the authorities and inmates of Bargarh Sub-Jail.

An exclusive investigation by OTV revealed gross violation of rules inside the Bargarh Sub-Jail. Bribe the jail authorities and you can get anything inside the jail including liquor, marijuana and even a mobile phone.

Binay Khamari who is serving a life sentence takes money from his fellow inmates and provides them with various kinds of intoxicants. He has a list of the prisoners and their choices of intoxicants. And the whole show is run by Khamari in the knowledge of jail authorities. Binay also has a personal gym and an electric shaver at his disposal.

Binay's younger brother Bira Khamari is also serving life sentence and he is free to roam outside the jail wearing civil clothes and not jail uniform. He supplies the intoxicants and various other materials inside the jail and all this happens under the nose of jail authorities.

While an under-trial prisoner Sahil is free to talk on a mobile phone sitting comfortably on a chair in the Pharmacist's room of the jail, the Pharmacist Sarat Jena has made it a part-time business to provide intoxicating medicines to the jail inmates, the pictures of which are with OTV.

The video evidence which OTV has obtained shows the Head Warder Santosh Mishra takes money from the family members of the inmates and Warder Subrat Acharya shows illicit videos to the inmates on his mobile phone in exchange of cash.

The Jailor of the sub-jail was not available for comments on the matter.