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Forgotten airstrip at Amarda reels under neglect

Mayurbhanj: The Amarda airstrip in Mayurbhant district, which was built during the World War II, is now crying for urgent measures for its revival.

Built by the Royal Air Force (RAF) of the British government with an investment of Rs 3 crore on an area of 900 acres, the airstrip and its runway is lying mostly unutilised.

Even though the airstrip’s 11,000 feet runway (3.5kms) and bunker are visible, it has been sealed after 15 to 20 feet. It is believed that many vehicles, ammunition and other equipment are still inside the bunker after Bristish army deserted the airstrip.

“If the bunker is opened after breaking its seal, we might get a chance to know more about the place which is of historical importance. It is believed that the Britishers had dumped wireless sets and other mechanical equipments,” said Purnachandra Bindhani, a local resident.

Jagannath Patnaik, a retired engineer stated that, “Small bombs were planted in the bunker so that nobody could dig it up.

Locals are demanding an extensive research to unearth the mystery of the bunker which now remains sealed.

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