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Bhubaneswar: Farmers in the Odisha are now clueless as several pesticides either banned by Centre or State government are still available in the open markets and being used by farmers here.

The confusion has aggravated the problems for the farmers who are already facing problems due to pest attacks in several parts of the State.

Dichlorvos pesticide, which was earlier banned by the Centre in December 15, 2016, was suggested by the State Agriculture Directorate to farmers.

Similarly, Thiometon is also being extensively used by farmers in the Western Odisha.

Earlier, Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat had targeted the State government for recommending Thiometon to farmers. He had stated that Brown Grass Hopper pests spread rapidly even with the use of Thiometon.

On the other hand, the State Agriculture Secretary Saurabh Garg said, Thiometon and Dichlorvos have not been banned ‘completely’ by the Centre.

After cases of pests attack were reported, the State government had banned 11 pesticides on November 16. However, such banned pesticides are being sold in retail shops in abundance.

Rabindra, proprietor of Balaji Enterprises, said, “The State government should have declared about the banned pesticides so that companies would stop manufacturing them and their products will not reach us.”

Meanwhile, several farmers’ associations smell foul play and claimed that the pesticides available in the market are mostly fake and there is a racket behind it.

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Samir Kumar Sahu, member of the Consortium of Indian Farmers’ Association said, “The racket has been working from Gujarat to Odisha. Fake pesticides are being imported and sold to farmers.”

As per official data, crops in 1.28 lakh hectare have affected by the pest menace in several parts of Odisha that also forced few farmers to commit suicides allegedly over crop loss.


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