Odishatv Bureau

Paradip: Local fishermen caught a 5-feet long estuarine crocodile from Jatadhari river mouth today and handed it over to the Forest department today.

According to reports, a local fisherman, Shankar Behera, was fishing in the river mouth early this morning when an estuarine crocodile got stuck in his fishing net. Apprehending that the crocodile might overturn his country boat, Behera shouted for help. Hearing the shout, other fishermen fishing nearby rushed to the spot and overpowered the crocodile with their nets and ropes. Later, they brought the crocodile to the river bank and informed the Forest department.

After receiving the information, a team of Forest staff rushed to the spot and took the crocodile with them.

The fishermen informed the Forest staff that there are 2-3 more crocodiles still left in the river mouth. They urged the Forest staff to catch these crocodiles for their safety.

Besides, they also demanded that the Fisheries department should provide financial assistance to Shankar Behera whose fishing net was damaged by the crocodile.

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