Odishatv Bureau

Bhubaneswar: The scanty rainfall which has adversely affected electricity generation at major hydro power stations in State has left denizens grappling with an acute power scarcity amid high humidity during rains.

Even in rainy season, when power generation is supposed to be adequate, the State has witnessed a summer like load shedding. In Bolangir town, power cut occurs from 6 pm to 7.30 pm every day and in day time there are power cuts without prior announcement.

"For the last several days, the power situation has been pretty bad. The evening hours go haywire due to one and half hour power cut. The Energy department should announce before any load shedding,” a resident of Bolangir said.

Residents in Mayurbhanj district are also facing similar undeclared power cut. The situation not only prevails in these two districts but also other areas including Capital city that is also languishing under high humidity in absence of electricity during peak hour.

"Power cut has become a regular affair now-a-days. The government's announcement of uninterrupted power supply is proven false," said Umakant Pati, a resident of Baripada said.

On the other hand, Gridco authorities grossly refuted the reports of load shedding. “Water level at Balimela reservoir stands at 1480 ft which was 1498 ft last year. So, problem may arise there. Other power stations are functioning as usual. We don’t resort to load shedding officially now. The power cut may occur at some places due to restoration work", Gridco director Manas Das said.

According to sources Balimela dam has currently 17 ft less water than the previous year while Hirakud, Upper Kolab and others have less water against the requirement. The State requires 4001mw power during peak hours while Gridco claims that it is providing adequate power to State.