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Odishatv Bureau

Cuttack: In a sensational case, Haimabati Acharya, daughter-in-law of renowned neurosurgeon Late Dr Brahmanand Acharya, has alleged harassment by her in-laws, for which she has filed an FIR with the Chauliaganj Police in Cuttack.

“Since the death of my husband, certain members of my in-law family have been torturing me. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law Ava Acharya, her husband Sushant Kumar Panda, who is the chief commissioner of the Excise and Customs, and my nephew, Lingaraj Panda who is the sub-collector of Kuchinda have taken away all the properties of my father-in-law and rendered my son homeless. We don’t have a place to live and I am not being able to take care of my son, including his studies. My father-in-law had a left a lot of properties for my son which have been grabbed by my in-laws and nothing is being given to my son,” alleged Haimabati.

She also stated that she was harassed at by the police and due to their non-cooperation her FIR is yet to be accepted despite filing two of them. “On the night of the Durga Puja, the Chauliaganj Police came to me and brought me to the police station. When I came here, the IIC of the police station questioned me why I was staying in my in-laws house and said you cannot stay in that house.”

“I have moved the court in this regard and the family court has already passed an order allowing me to stay at my in-laws’ place. Even my father-in-law had filed an affidavit in the Orissa High Court allowing me to stay in the same house. In spite of this, my in-laws are not allowing me to stay there. Now that the police have removed me out of my house, where will I stay? I want my son’s right to be protected,” Haimabati said.

Refuting Haimabati’s allegations, her sister-in-law Ava Acharya said “15 days after my father’s death Haimabati came to my house and said she will stay. My father gave this house as a gift through a gift deed. How can I give it to her? The house in question is my property and how she can grab it? In an ancestral property, daughter-in-laws have a right but not in case of a father-gifted property.”

Commenting on the torture allegations made by Haimabati, Ava stated “where she was for the past 15 years. When my father called her repeatedly to come and stay at his place she never came to the house. Even when my father was admitted in the hospital for one and a half months, she never paid a visit. I have nothing else to say and the matter is pending in court. I have already filed a complaint against her for forcibly entering into my house.”

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