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Sundergarh: Neighbouring Chhattisgarh has continued to block Mahanadi water to Odisha through the Kalma barrage severely affecting the water flow into the Hirakud reservoir. According to sources, over the past one and a half month, out of the 67 gates of the barrage, water is being released through one gate only in a bid to stock water at the upper catchment of the barrage.

Sources reported that by blocking of water at the gates of the barrage has noticeably reduced the water flow in the lower catchment of the barrage and into the Hirakud reservoir in Odisha.

Locals from Bargaon village near the barrage have alleged that they are not getting enough water for farming and the fishermen’s livelihood is also in danger.

“Most of the water is being used by industries. We get no water to sustain our livelihood,” said a local fisherman.

The ruling-BJD in Odisha has come down heavily on the Centre and the Chhattisgarh government for such blocking of Mahanadi water. Moreover, the State government has also raised questions before both the governments on such tactics.

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While BJD has said that it will move the court in this regard, the Odisha BJP pledged its support for the interests of the people of the State.

“If anyone is trying to dry out the Mahanadi River, then it is the BJP government in Chhattisgarh and the Odisha BJP is indirectly supporting it. If they do not take our complaint seriously then the State government will be forced to consider other alternatives including moving the court,” said BJD spokesperson, Rabi Narayan Nanda.

“This is a tussle between two governments. Hence the BJD should not do politics over it. But the Odisha BJP will try and ensure that the interests of the State is not harmed,” said BJP’s chief spokesperson, Sajjan Sharma.

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