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Odishatv Bureau

New Delhi/Bhubaneswar: The Central Government’s decision on recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) on Allowances was published in Gazette of India on Thursday. All allowances will be given with effect from July 1, 2017.

Concerned Ministries have been advised to issue their Orders on Allowances governed by them immediately so that the revised rates of allowances get reflected in the current month's Salary Bills of the Government employees

Based on the Report of Committee on Allowances (CoA) and the recommendation of E-CoS, the Cabinet had earlier approved the modifications in 34 allowances in its meeting held on June 28, 2017.

Major Highlights of the Allowances approved by the Union Cabinet are as follows:

Cabinet approved recommendations of 7thCPC on allowances with 34 modifications. It will benefit 34 lakh Civilian employees and 14 lakh Defence personnel. The 7th CPC examined 197 allowances, recommending abolition of 53 and subsuming 37 in others.

The 7th CPC projected additional financial implication at Rs 29,300 crore per annum, modifications to have additional implication of Rs 1448.23 crore and combined additional financial implication estimated at Rs 30748.23 crore per annum.

Here’s the detail:

Number of allowances recommended to be abolished and subsumed

Government decided not to abolish 12 allowances in view of specific functional requirements. Three of 37 subsumed allowances will continue as separate identities due to unique nature of these allowances.

House Rent Allowance (HRA)

HRA will be paid 24 percent, 16 percent and 8 percent for X, Y & Z cities respectively. HRA not to be less than Rs 5400, Rs 3600 and Rs 1800 for X,Y&Z cities- calculated at 30, 20, and10 percent of minimum pay of Rs18000 to benefit 7.5 lakh employee.

7th CPC recommended revision of HRA when DA reaches 50 percent and100 percent while Government decided to revise rates when DA crosses 25 percent and 50 percent respectively.

Siachen Allowance

Rates of Siachen Allowance increased from Rs14000 pm (Soldiers) to Rs 30000 and Rs 21000 pm (Officers) to Rs 42500 for extreme risk and hardship.

Dress Allowance

Government decided to pay Dress Allowance to Nurses on monthly basis due to high maintenance and hygiene requirements. Higher rate of Dress Allowance for Special Protection Group was accepted by the government.

Tough Location Allowance

7th CPC recommended TLA not to be granted with SDA. Government decided to give option of SCLRA at pre-revised rates with SDA at revised rates. Recommendations in respect of some important allowances paid to all categories:

Children Education Allowance increased from Rs.1500 pm/child (max.2) to Rs.2250/child and Hostel Subsidy increased from Rs 4500 pm to Rs 6750 pm. Special Allowance for Child Care for Women with Disabilities doubled from Rs1500 pm to Rs 3000 pm. Higher Qualification Incentive for Civilians increased from Rs 2000 –Rs 10000 (Grant) to Rs 10000 – Rs 30000 (Grant).

Recommendations in respect of some important allowances paid to Uniformed Services: Defence, CAPFs, Police, Indian Coast Guard and Security Agencies

Abolition of Ration Money Allowance and free ration to Defence officers in peace areas not accepted, RMA to be credited in bank account

Technical Allowance (Tier-II) not to be merged, Govt. decided to continue Technical Allowance (Tier-II) at Rs.4500 pm-courses to be reviewed

Aeronautical Allowance increased Rs.300 pm to Rs.450 pm and extended to Indian Coast Guard also Counter Insurgency Ops (CI Ops) Allowance for counter – insurgency ops increased from Rs 3000 – Rs 11700 pm to Rs 6000 – Rs 16900 pm

MARCOS and Chariot Allowance paid to marine commandos increased from Rs 10500 – Rs 15750 pm to Rs 17300 – Rs 25000 pm

Conditionality of 12 hours reduced to 4 hrs for Sea Going Allowance and rates increased from Rs 3000 – Rs 7800 pm to Rs 6000 – Rs 10500 pm

COBRA Allowance granted to CRPF personnel in Naxal hit areas increased from Rs 8400 – Rs 16800 pm to Rs 17300 – Rs 25000 pm

Modified Field, Field & Highly Active Field Area Allowances increased from Rs 1200 – Rs 12600 pm to Rs 6000 – Rs 16900 pm

Flying Allowance increased from Rs 10500 – Rs 15750 pm to Rs 17300 – Rs 25000 pm and extended to BSF Air Wing also High Altitude Allowance increased from Rs 810 – Rs 16800 pm to Rs 2700 – Rs 25000 pm

Higher Qualification Incentive for Defence Personnel increased from Rs 9000 – Rs 30000 (Grant) to Rs 10000 – Rs 30000 (Grant)

Test Pilot and Flight Test Engineer Allowance increased from Rs 1500 / 3000 pm to Rs 4100 / 5300 pm.

Additional Free Railway Warrant (Leave Travel Concession) extended to CAPFs

Territorial Army Allowance increased from Rs 175 – Rs 450 pm to Rs 1000 –Rs 2000 pm

Ceilings of Deputation (Duty) Allowance for Defence Personnel increased from Rs 2000 – Rs 4500 pm to Rs 4500 – Rs 9000 pm

Detachment Allowance increased Rs 165 – Rs 780 per day to Rs 405 – Rs1170 per day

Para Jump Instructor Allowance increased from Rs 2700/3600 pm to Rs 6000/10500 pm

Government increased Special Security Allowance for Special Protection Group to 55% and 27.5% of BP for ops and non – ops duties

Housing provisions for PBORs and their families residing at other stations significantly improved and linked to HRA, process simplified.

Allowances paid to Indian Railways

Additional Allowance increased from Rs 500 / 1000 pm to Rs 1125 / 2250 pm and extended to Loco Pilot Goods and Senior Passenger Guards at Rs 750 pm

Special Train Controller’s Allowance at 5000pm introduced for Train Controllers of Railways

Allowances paid to Nurses & Ministerial Staffs of Hospital

Government increased rate of Nursing Allowance from Rs 4800 pm to Rs 7200 pm

Operation Theatre Allowance not abolished and rates increased from Rs 360 pm to Rs 540 pm

Hospital Patient Care Allowance/Patient Care Allowance increased from Rs 2070 – Rs 2100 pm to Rs 4100 – Rs 5300 pm

7th CPC recommendations modified and HPCA / PCA to continue for Ministerial staff

Allowances to Pensioners

Fixed Medical Allowance for Pensioners increased from Rs 500 pm to Rs 1000 pm

Constant Attendance Allowance on 100% disablement increased from Rs 4500 pm to Rs 6750 pm

Allowances to Scientific Departments

7th CPC recommendations to abolish Launch Campaign Allowance and Space Technology Allowance not accepted – rates revised from Rs 7500 pa to Rs 11250 pa

Professional Update Allowance for non-gazetted staff of DAE will continue at enhanced rate of Rs 11250 pa

Antarctica Allowance – Summer rates revised from Rs 1125 per day to Rs 1500 per day, Winter rates from Rs 1688 per day to Rs 2000 per day

Allowance paid to D/o Posts and Railways

Cycle Allowance not abolished - rates doubled from Rs 90 to Rs 180 pm for functional requirements of Postmen in Posts and Trackmen in Railways.

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