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Dilip Kumar

Nayagarh: BJP leader Irani Ray on Monday alleged that she was attacked by some of the BJD workers while she had visited a temple at Bhata Sahi to attend a religious programme there on Sunday evening.

Her car driver and one of her associates were also attacked by the BJD members, she alleged.

Ray said that she had visited the temple on an invitation of the committee members. Bhat Sahi sarpanch Kishore Sahoo, a local BJD leader was involved in the attack, she claimed.

"When I was about to enter the temple, some youths waylaid me and prevented my entry hurling slangs. I didn't argue with them and returned from the place," she said.

The same youths, later, chased her on her way to home and intercepted in the middle of the road. They threatened to eliminate her if she visits the panchayat again, Ray alleged.

"I called the SP and local IIC when they tried to attack me with a big stone. Later, I visited the Nayagarh police station to lodge a complaint where Bhata Sahi sarpanch Kishire Sahoo and his supporters attacked my driver and another associate. He also threw unparliamentarily languages at me inside the police station," she added.

Police said that members of two parties were present at the religious function at Bhat Sahi.

"Both the groups have engaged in verbal duel and later a scuffle took place between the two groups. Separate complaints have been lodged. We have launched an investigation into the incident," said Umakant Mallik, Additional SP.

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