Dilip Kumar

Bhubaneswar: The Opposition parties in Odisha-- BJP and Congress-- have staged demonstration in front of the office of State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) on Monday over abduction and killing of five-year-old Nayagarh girl 'Pari' and rise in the cases of missing children.

The members of BJP Mahila Morcha led by President Smruti Patnaik have tried to barge into the office of the SCPCR and sought information from the chairperson about the missing children in Odisha. However, the chairperson has failed to provide any information regarding the cases.

"We met the SCPCR chairperson and sought the data relating to the missing children in State. But, she failed to provide us any information.  Her visit to Nayagarh is an attempt to shield Minister Arun Sahoo who is allegedly involved in Pari murder case. There is nothing more shame than the chairperson terming ‘Pari’ murder as an act of human sacrifice," said Smruti Patnaik .

Similarly, the members of the Congress party also staged demonstration out side the office of SCPCR, demanding justice to the families who have lost their children.

"The SCPCR is acting a puppet in the hands of Government. Children go missing one after another and the government has turned mute. The SCPCR has not opened up on such sensitive issues. When we take to the street for the plight of children, they (government) criticised us saying that we are politicising the issue. It is shame," Congress leader Bijaylaxmi Sahoo said.

Former MP and senior Congress leader Pradeep Majhi also questioned the government inaction over child missing cases. "Every family in the State is now in a state of shock following series of child missing incidents. They are afraid of allowing their children to go outside. What the government and police are doing? What is the role of SCPCR in the protection of children? Majhi asked.