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Bhubaneswar: The explosion at a petrol pump near Raj Bhavan square in the capital city of Odisha on Wednesday afternoon not injured many but also left a trail of destruction in the vicinity as far as a few hundreds of feet away.

Local residents narrated their horrific experience of how a deafening sound followed by a fire spitting high into the sky from the filling station damaged several houses, vehicles and also injured many.

"We hardly got any time to think what it was. We rushed out of the house only to see shattered glass panes, ripped-off roofs and cracked walls," said a local woman.


"I thought that it was probably a jolt of lightning, but after I came out to the street, I witnessed scenes of destruction," a local youth, who resides just a few blocks of the site of the blast, said.

As per eyewitnesses account, the blast left a gory scene with mutilated body parts including limbs, hand, ear and fingers found strewn around the spot following the blast.

Special secretary of the Home Department, Santosh Bala's residence was one of the buildings which suffered extensive damage in the incident.

A forensic team was roped in to begin a probe in to the incident.

The blast was so severe that a mechanical electric motor used in the petrol pump and weighing around 20 kgs was found lying few hundred feet away from the site of the blast.

Nearby offices of the LIC and Union Bank also suffered damages.

As per official sources, as many as 9 persons suffered injuries at the explosion site. All of them were rushed to Capital Hospital while two of them were shifted to Cuttack SCB Hospital due to their critical condition.

In the latest development, two containers reached the mishap spot to transfer remaining gas from the blast site.

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