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Sabyasachi Kundu

Bhubaneswar: The Commissionerate Police on Wednesday clamped the wheels of many vehicles, which were parked in no parking zones and obstructing public roads.

The Twin City police has started serious crackdown on parking violations in the Capital city. Many cars, which were parked in restricted zones in various parts of the Capital city, were clamped and Rs 500 penalty was collected before their release.

While the city residents welcomed the move, the car owners have asked the administration to impose fine after identifying parking places in the city.

"It is a good step, but the administration should impose fine on wrongly parked vehicles after arranging parking space in the city" said a car owner.

"I welcome the new move, but the government should make alternative parking arrangements for vehicles," said another vehicle owner.

"The drivers, who are leaving their vehicles on no parking zones, are obstructing public roads. Such vehicles are clamped and fined. The drive will be intensified in the coming days," said additional Traffic DCP, Amresh Panda.

Earlier, the Commissionerate Police had decided to introduce drone surveillance on the entire stretch of road from Ravindra Mandap to Airport which will be declared as ‘No Overtaking Zone.’

The move is likely to play a crucial role in ensuring that people stick to their respective lanes as there will be a provision of penalty for violating the ‘no overtaking’ norm in the particular stretch.

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