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Battered by Cyclone Fani, weaver birds return & rebuild their nests in Puri

Puri: The weaver birds are back in several parts of Kakatpur, Astaranga and Konark areas of Puri district. This has now brought smiles on the faces of residents who had initiated several measures in the past for the protection of these endangered birds.

The residents were earlier apprehensive about the return of the birds as vegetation in large tracts in Puri district of was severely affected during Cyclone Fani which hit the State on May 3.

The entire region is now filled with the sound of chirping of the weaver birds which have now rebuilt their nests in several areas.

“The birds disappeared from this area after cyclone Fani but they have returned and started building their nests,” said Chittaranjan Dash, a resident of Astaranga.

“Like our houses, cyclone Fani had also ravaged the nests of the birds. But the tiny birds with small feathers have restored their shelters while humans are still struggling to put their lives back on track,” said Sudarshan Mallick, another local resident.

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The Baya weaver birds have almost become extinct in many parts of the country due to rampant felling of trees. However, there has been a significant rise in the population of the sparrow-sized birds in several parts of Odisha.

However, uncertainty had loomed large over the existence of these birds after the cyclonic storm Fani destroyed thousands of trees in the State.

“Baya weaver birds like to live together and fly in flocks. They are also farmer friendly and help them to predict the rainfall and climate changes,” said environmentalist, Trilochan Mishra.

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