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Dilip Kumar

Jeypore: Amidst the border row between Odisha and Andhra Pradesh over Kotia villages which is currently sub-judice in the Supreme Court, the neighbouring State has organised a multi-diagnostic free health check-up camp at disputed regions of Kotia here in Koraput district.

Health workers from Salur in Andhr Pradesh were seen moving from village to village in Kotia and conducted free health check-ups of local residents.

According to reports, ANM worker J Kabita and health worker Munna Rao from Salur (AP) have recently conducted health check up at Talaganjeipadar and other areas in Kotia.

Locals said that health services have been provided under the direct supervision of  Chief Medical Officer at Tonam Primary Health Centre in Salur.

"Health workers from Andhra Pradesh have conducted health check-up and given us medicine. Blood examinations have also been carried out by them. Odisha health workers also come to our area occasionally," a resident of Talaganjeipadar in Kotia said.

Locals said that health workers from Andhra Pradesh used to visit the tribal hamlets occasionally, but now-a-days they come to the villages two to three times a month.

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