Saswat Singhdeo

Bhubaneswar: Rescued Andaman resident Amrit Kujur, who was washed ashore in Odisha is all set to embark on his return journey to home with the assistance of local administration of Puri.

As per reports, Kujur will be assisted by an official of Puri administration till Kolkata from where a representative of Andaman will take him to Port Blair. While leaving the local shelter home in Puri, some inmates and NGO members wished Kujur good luck and presented him a flower bouquet on Wednesday.

Kujur was rescued by locals of Khirisahi village in Krushnaprasad block on October 25 after he reached Puri coast on his boat following nearly 21 days of survival without adequate food and water in Bay of Bengal.

Speaking about Kujur's return to Andaman, Additional Collector Pradeep Sahu said, "He will be assisted by an official to Kolkata and from there he will be handed over to a representative of Andaman before flying to Port Blair. All arrangements have been made to ensure a hassle-free return of Kujur."

Expressing satisfaction over the arrangements made for his return, Kujur said, "With the help of district collector and other officials I am able to return back to my home."

Travelling from Port Blair to Neil Island in Bay of Bengal in a fishing boat, Amit and his friend Dibya Ranjan lost their direction due to a cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal on September 28.

Despite help from a Burmese ship a few days later, the two lost their way again while returning to their home after encountering another storm. While Amit kept ticking with very little amount of water to keep him alive, his companion however succumbed after days of starvation.

After floating in the sea for days, Amit’s ship had drifted towards Odisha coast and touched Puri shores.