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Allegation Of Plastic Eggs Resurfaces In Odisha

Malkangiri: At a time when adulteration of various commodities continues to spark concern among the public, allegation on sale of plastic eggs has once again surfaced in Odisha.

As per reports, one Digambar Behera of Hi Tech colony in Malkangiri town recently came across such eggs which he claimed to have brought from the local market.

In a video shoot to prove his allegations, Digamber showcased how one of the raw eggs that he brought looked like a boiled one after he cracked it open. He demonstrated showing a thin inner membrane which looks like having plastic properties because of its ability to bear the entire weight of the yolk when the outer shell is peeled out of the egg.

Much to the surprise, at one point of time when he tried to burn the separated inner membrane on a gas stove, it caught fire just like plastic.

Digambar alleged that the shape of this egg is more round compared to other normal eggs and it’s harmful for health if consumed.

He further mentioned that the eggs he bought from the market are also being supplied in the local anganwadi centre and schools too.

“Unsuspecting school children are eating these plastic eggs which can have serious health implications,” alleged Digambar.

It’s worth mentioning here that, allegations on sale of plastic eggs had surfaced in Odisha earlier. Recently in Bhubaneswar a complaint was lodged in Nayapalli Police Station against a shop keeper for allegedly selling plastic eggs in the market.

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