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Ramakanta Biswas

Cuttack: Even though she is 90 years old and finds her support in a walking stick, she is tirelessly nursing her ailing daughter. A mother's love truly knows no boundaries.

Nonagenarian Urmila Mahanto from Keonjhar district, along with her ailing daughter- Sumari, has been spending her days on the verandah of Achraya Harihar Regional Cancer Centre (AHRCC) in Cuttack.

According to sources, Sumari, who is suffering from mental illness, had accidentally burnt her left hand in childhood. The severe wound has now become infectious and developed symptoms of cancer.

"My daughter's left hand got burnt in childhood. As she grew up, she worked in farmland to eke out a living. Gradually her burn injuries became infectious after coming in contact with water and fertilisers. She also developed mental illness," said Urmila.

After the infection became severe, Urmila took her daughter to Ghasipura hospital from where she was referred to AHRCC. As the authorities at the AHRCC reportedly refused to allot them a bed until the cancer diagnosis report is received, they are staying on the verandah.

"I cannot sleep due to the severe pain in my hand. I do not know whether I will survive or not," said Sumari with tears rolling down her cheek.

A social activist, Abhimanyu Sahu, who works for the destitute patients, has extended a helping hand to the elderly woman. Every day Sahu dresses the wounds and also provides food to the woman and her daughter.

"The wound has become infectious. The doctors examined it last Friday and the report will come next Friday. Now they are staying on the verandah of the hospital," said Sahu.

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