Vikash Sharma

Bhubaneswar: You might have come across incidents of families being ostracised in remote and tribals areas of Odisha, but such incidents happening in Bhubaneswar might be hard to digest. Strange it may sound, but three families, who are staying in an apartment in Smart City Bhubaneswar have alleged that they have been ostracised by other families staying in the apartment.

According to reports, it is now over six months that the resident welfare association of an apartment in Unit 6 area has allegedly ordered a social boycott of three families.

The victim families have now moved Odisha Human Rights Commission against the ill-treatment and injustice meted out towards them.

“We have been boycotted by the society. Through a notice, other families have been warned not to maintain any relation with us. Nobody is opposing as they fear that they would face similar consequences,” said Antaryami Patra, a complainant.

The complainant further alleged that the three families have been debarred from attending any social functions.

Refuting the allegations, secretary of concerned association, Niranjan Mishra said, “One of the families has illegally encroached upon a drain by carrying out some construction work.”

Mishra further stated that other members of the society have taken the decision after the three families did not cooperate in the conduct of functions and other events.