Women can tell if a man is gay

London: Many may not believe this, but a new study claims that women do have the ability to tell if a man is straight or gay — just by looking at his face.

Researchers at the University of Toronto have carried out the study and found that women can make out whether a man gay or not; in fact, they are at their most accurate when they feel in the mood for love.

In their study, the researchers showed a group of women photographs of faces of 80 men all with same expression. With no obvious clues, the fair sex had the uncanny ability of guessing which men were heterosexual and which homosexual.

If they were feeling romantic, or were at a certain stage in their menstrual cycle, they were even more likely to be right, with the most fertile women being the best judges of sexual orientation, say the researchers.

According to them, the ability might be down to a combination of old-fashioned female intuition and a biological need to pick out a mate who can give them children, the `Daily Express` reported.

However, when faced with photographs of women`s faces and asked to guess which were straight and which were lesbian, the subjects hadn`t a clue.