Weight Loss Tips: Best Exercise to Easily Burn Belly And Thigh Fat

Party mood usually gets ruined when one realizes that s/he won’t fit into the selected attire because of excessive fat build up around body. But one doesn’t need to search for an excuse if s/he starts giving efforts with dedication to burn those extra fat and regain a perfect body shape with right curves and cuts.

Losing weight won’t happen overnight but constant efforts can burn fat, especially belly fats and thigh fats alongside toning up the muscles. Following a strict routine and performing certain exercises will help shred down the excessive fat that makes your body shape odd. Here, we bring the most helpful weight loss tips that you can try for burning belly and thigh fats easily.

If you have the desire for burning belly fat you need to select the core exercises that target the particular body part and burn the build up fats.


Front Planks

Lie down on a flat surface and rest your body on your elbows and toes, keeping your hips constant at one position for at least a minute. This form of exercise targets the belly fats.


Side Plank

Lie down on your left side with legs straight and rest on your elbows. Elevate your body to form a diagonal shape to the ground. Keep your right hand on the right hip and hold the position for at least a minute and repeat the workout on the other side, i.e right side.


Vertical Leg Crunches

Lie down on a flat surface with lower back pressed to the floor. Raise your legs straight and move your hands behind your head. The next step is to stretch your legs upwards creating a pressure on your stomach. Make sure to exhale while you move upwards and inhale as you come return to the starting position.


Russian Twist

Settle down on a flat surface with bent knees and flat feet. Hold your arms straight in front of the chest and make sure to turn down your palms. Lean back to bring your torso into 45 degree angle to the floor. Start twisting your body towards the right and reverse the movement towards left after taking a break.


Flutter Kicks

Lie down on the floor with face up and extended legs. Keep your toes pointed and tuck your hands underneath the glutes to give a support to the lower back. Start lifting both the legs and start kicking alternately in a criss-cross motion.
To target your thigh fats and shape it up with perfect cuts, you need to add a few exercises into your workout list and perform it regularly.



Running is a routine exercise that keeps the body fit and energetic, but the physical exercise also helps to tone up lower body muscles and to shred down body fat, especially thigh fat. Brisk walking and jogging are also beneficial but will take a long time. If you have the habit of walking or jogging or running, increase the intensity and add it to your daily workout list for at least an hour a day.



Aerobics is a well known form of exercise that creates a great impact on the entire body. Aerobics burns calories much faster than any other exercise form and targets the thigh fats. There are several other benefits of aerobics like lowering blood pressure and improving immune system which ultimately restricts deposition of fats in body parts.



Of course! Squats is a popular form of exercise that helps in strengthening the leg muscles and tones it to get perfect shape. Adding squats to your daily workout routine also targets belly fats for which slowly you will achieve your goal of getting a flattened belly.



Lunges is a complex exercise but it targets several body parts to give you an admirable body shape. You need to consult your gym trainer or collect maximum information before starting your workouts. This workout form targets glutes, hamstrings, calves, quads and buttocks.


Leg Raise

Add Leg Raise into your workout list if you wish to shape up your thigh muscles. This exercise form tones up thigh, hips and lower ab muscles and burns the excessive fats from the targeted body parts. It also helps in eliminating body toxins, improving digestion and preventing back pain and injuries.

People having no experience about different forms of exercises certainly won’t get an idea about the movements and extensive workouts for burning fat.

Disclaimer: This piece of information is an informative one only. It is always advisable to consult an experienced and efficient physical trainer and seek the best suggestions to achieve your targets of burning belly and thigh fats.