Sanjeev Kumar Patro

The weakened Cyclone Jawad's highly convective clouds have flown past the pilgrim town of Puri at around 11:00 hours on Sunday morning.

The system's Heavy rain-bearing clouds are now over the Districts of  Jagatsinghpur, and heading towards Kendrapada.

As displayed in the 12:30 hrs satellite image, a band of highly convective cloud is seen extending upto the district of Jajpur.

The consequence is for the next 3-hrs very Heavy downpour will be taking place in the Districts of Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapada and at many adjacent places in Jajpur and Bhadrak Districts.

As the system is tracking a northeast direction, it seems the heavy cloud bands may pass over the seaside blocks in the Bhadrak district.

The satellite data shows medium clouds over the districts of Khordha and Cuttack.

The result is both State capital Bhubaneswar and Silver city Cuttack  are going to witness drizzle from mid day onwards.

At around 11-11:39 hrs, the gusting wind speed in both the cities was in the range of 28-35kmph.

Rain Outlook At Mid-Day

While Khordha district, including the State capital,  has recorded rainfall to the tune of over 7mm per hour during the morning hours of today, places adjacent to Narsinghpur in Cuttack district have recorded over 10mm per hour rainfall.

Outlook For Afternoon To Monday Morning

  • Many places in Keonjhar and Mayurbhanj districts will record Rainfall In the range of 6-10 mm per hour.
  • Some places in Cuttack district are predicted to record rainfall In the range of over 7mm per hour.
  • Heavy rain likely at many places in Khordha district and Puri between 3-4 pm.
  • Around the same hours, few places in Kendrapada district may record heavy rainfall.
  • During the evening hours, some places in Bhadrak and adjacent places in Mayurbhanj will witness heavy rain.
  • More heavy rains in Jagatsinghpur district and adjoins places in Cuttack district are predicted to record a spell of heavy downpour.
  • No rain spell in Ganjam district from 8 pm onwards.
  • Very heavy rain Bhadrak district  at around the night hours between 10-11pm today.
  • No Rainfall In Twin cities from midnight today.
  • Rainfall In Odisha to calm down from the early morning hours (3-4 am) on December 6.
  • Sunny Tuesday all over Odisha.