Ramakanta Biswas

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Wednesday reiterated that no forecast has been issued regarding possible cyclone and urged people to stay away from rumours. 

Taking to Twitter, IMD’s Regional Centre in Bhubaneswar said that the IMD has not issued any kind of information and forecast for cyclone so far.

“No information or forecast has been issued by the Meteorological Department regarding the cyclone,” the IMD tweeted. 

Furthermore, science does not agree to predict any weather event 7 days in advance, the weather agency said. 

"We are working 24 hours a day to provide accurate weather related information. So please stay away from rumours,” the IMD wrote.

The Joint Special Relief Commissioner (SRC), Odisha has also urged media houses not to report any such news that will create panic among people. "If we get any information from IMD, Bhubaneswar, definitely we shall share with you all," said the Joint SRC.

Speaking on the reports of possible cyclone, IMD scientist Umashankar Das said there is possibility of formation of a cyclonic circulation over the Bay of Bengal in coming days. 

“As of now, the IMD has not issued any information regarding cyclone. Only a cyclonic circulation is likely to form over the Bay of Bengal, a forecast on which was issued last Thursday. A forecast will be issued on the system on October 14 and further update will be shared. So far the prediction is that the cyclonic circulation will form over the Bay of Bengal, but the exact date and area where it will develop has not been predicted yet,” Das said.   

Meanwhile, the Odisha government has directed different departments to remain prepared for the cyclone season. The department officials have been asked to be ready with the necessary products, equipment and manpower as per the standard operating procedure (SOP).