Suryakant Jena

The Director General of India Meteorological Department, Mrutyunjay Mohapatra on Thursday said that Odisha is likely to receive good amount of rains in the month of September. 

Odisha witnessed less than average rainfall in the month of August and, in comparison, September bodes well for the farming community, Mohapatra said during an exclusive interview to OTV. 

The IMD chief informed that a fresh low pressure is likely to form over North Bay of Bengal (BoB) around September 6 which will help reduce the deficit caused by erratic precipitation in the State this monsoon.

The trend of low pressure from North BoB shows that districts in its south-west region generally get good amount of rains, but, overall, the system will impact the entire State causing rainfall in majority of districts, said Mohapatra.

Elaborating the forecast, the IMD DG said that the system will make onset around evening on September 6. “So mostly the day after and September 8 will see heavy rainfall as well,” he said. 

According to the Met data, barring 5 districts of the State, all other districts have recorded deficient rainfall between 20 and 59 percent this monsoon. 

Jajpur is the worst-hit district with rainfall deficiency of 54 per cent, the highest among all the districts. In cumulative terms, the State has recorded 669.2 mm of rainfall which is 29 per cent less than the average normal rainfall. 

“Our meteorological model suggests that overall India might get more than average rainfall in the month of September,” Mohapatra added.