Pradeep Pattanayak

With a cyclonic circulation having already formed over the south Andaman Sea and neighbourhood, people in Odisha, particularly those living in coastal areas, are in fear and apprehension. 

Even as some weather scientists have indicated the intensification of the system into a cyclone, the premier weather agency of the nation-India Meteorological Department (IMD) is still silent on this. However, it has been confirmed that a cyclonic circulation has already formed over the south Andaman Sea. 

Weather scientists are of the opinion that things regarding possible cyclone will be clear after the formation of low pressure around October 20. 

According to the weathermen, a complete picture of cyclone will emerge on October 22. If the picture confirms about the cyclone, its movement track may be either Odisha-Andhra or Odisha-West Bengal coast. 

It has been forecast that the entire state is likely to witness heavy downpours for three days, starting from October 24. This prediction has left coastal area people living on agriculture and fishing in a state of panic. 

Odisha is inured to cyclone in the month of October when the southwest monsoon is on a withdrawal track. As of now, people of coastal areas are waiting eagerly for the IMD’s information regarding the cyclone.