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Although the India Meteorological Department (IMD) maintained that cyclone Jawad will weaken by the time it reaches the coast of Odisha’s Puri tomorrow noon, the wind speed is expected to remain between 60 to 70 kmph and it might also trigger heavy rainfall in the coastal parts of the State.

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“As Odisha braces up for cyclone Jawad, I urge everyone to follow scientific advisories and safety measures. Restrain from rumours and do not panic. Follow advisory and cooperate with administration to keep you and your family safe,” said a cyclone Preparedness advisory from the Odisha Chief Minister’s Office (CMO).

Here are some of the crucial measures that the people living in cyclone affected areas need to keep in mind in view of the strong wind and heavy rainfall triggered by cyclone Jawad.

Before The Cyclone

  • Keep a track of weather updates, warning and advisories.
  • Check condition of your house and repair weak parts
  • Prepare disaster supply kit for your family.
  • Make a safe place for livestock and pets.
  • Whether you are at a shelter home or pucca house, wear two masks.
  • Wash your hands with soap and use sanitizer. 

During The Cyclone

  • Stay calm, stay indoors. Tune in for the latest weather updates. Turn off main electrical switch.
  • Use flash lights/emergency lamps.
  • Be careful while using candles.
  • Stay away from glass windows.

After The Cyclone

  • Wait for authorities to declare that it is safe to go outdoors.
  • Stay away from fallen trees, damaged structure and power lines.
  • Refrain from sightseeing which may obstruct emergency services.
  • Be careful while checking and repairing damaged parts of your house.



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