Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Ordering food items online has become a part of our daily life. The food delivery agents, be it Zomato or Swiggy, brave all odds to deliver our orders, and the fact that they face different challenges right from picking up the orders to deliver them at our doorsteps at the right time can't be ignored.
The delivery agents, apart from being responsible for delivering the food orders, also are humans and have a personal life. 

Here, we bring a video that shows a Zomato delivery guy carrying an infant while delivering an order. The anxious customer seems to be quite impressed with the delivery agent as he is giving equal importance to his job as well as family responsibilities. 

The customer happily records the moment on his mobile camera and interacts with the delivery agent. 

"So, this is called dedication," the customer said. 

While he was asking the agent's name, another kid approached nearer from behind who was also his son. 

"Do you work carrying these two together?" the customer asked to which the agent said "yes" in a very polite manner. 

Appreciating his dedication, the customer further inquired why he was carrying his kids in the scorching heat while delivering food. 

There are several such instances in which the food delivery agents deliver the orders riding bicycles. Even there are cases when divyang agents deliver orders on a tricycle or special vehicles.

Such people certainly deserve a big round of applause for braving all odds so that they could feed their families, and to us too.