Cassian Baliarsingh

Social media can be a fun place if put to good use. Many young talents have become overnight stars and sensations, thanks to the wide reach of social media. 

Meanwhile, a Zomato delivery boy is winning hearts on social media with his amazing dance moves. In the video, which is now going viral, the Zomato delivery boy can be seen dancing his heart out to a popular Bollywood song. 

Interestingly, the video is from a wedding venue, even though the delivery boy was not part of the guest list. The video was shared by an Instagram user Pulkit Kochar. 

Sharing the video, Pulkit wrote, “Music knows no boundaries.”

The guests can be seen dancing to the popular Manoj Bajpayee song ‘Sapne Mein Milti Hai’ from Satya while the delivery boy enjoys it outside the wedding venue. The Instagram user recorded both sides simultaneously and shared a big lesson of life through his video. 

On one side, we can see the guests dancing and on the other end, the delivery boy can be seen enjoying life without any care. This proves that we should enjoy little things in life, no matter what the situation is. 

Life in itself is a journey of struggle, but we should not forget our happiness. Internet users liked the video and showered love. 

After being shared on Instagram, the video has over 62,000 views with over 5600 likes. The comments section was also filled with praiseworthy remarks. 

“If I saw him dancing, I’d really invite him in for food,” a user wrote while another wrote, “This is so cute yaar.”

A third user wrote, “@Zomato yaar kitna wholesome workforce hai aapka,” while another wrote, “@zomato always brings the best vibes.”