Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Indian weddings are colourless without music, dance, fun and high-voltage drama. You must have witnessed all of these in a wholesome package. But, have you encountered any such weird situation that left either the bride or groom or the guests in an awkward situation?

Here we bring a video in which a youth can be seen dancing his heart out in front of a newlywed couple. The youth performs to Salman Khan ’s song “Taaron Ka Chamakta Gehena Ho” from Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam, which also starred Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit with Aishwarya Rai in a cameo. 

The spectacular dance of the youth was certainly impressive. While the bride and groom were standing on the stage, the youth moved all over the stage while performing to the song. Even the guests can be seen capturing the spectacular performance with their mobile phones. 

While everyone including the bride can be seen enjoying his performance, it seemed, the groom was least interested to watch the dance. If watched closely, the groom didn’t even move his eyes towards the youth. 

Well, the song ‘Taaron Ka Chamakta Gehena Ho’ is quite popular and several videos are available on YouTube where youths can be seen performing at the weddings of sisters. The popularity of this song is evident as most of the videos have garnered millions of views.

Taron Ka Chamakta Gehena Taron Ka Chamakta Gehena
Taron Ka Chamakta Gehena Taron Ka Chamakta Gehena