Poonam Singh

Matrimonial advertisements ads end up being a topic of discussion on social media, often because of the seekers’ 
strict specifications, overt preference for caste endogamy, or ridiculous expectations and demands.  These ads also offer a unique insight into the arranged marriage scene in India. 

Recently another unique matrimonial ad went viral on social media, in which a guy from Madhya Pradesh was seen carrying a placard and standing in the middle of a road in which he had mentioned that he is looking for a bride and he has only one requirement for his future wife that she should be a government job holder.

Not only this, but in the poster, the bride seeker also wrote that he was willing to give a dowry to marry the girl instead of taking a dowry. 

The picture of this young man is becoming very viral on social media. 

According to Live Hindustan report, the incident took place near Bazar Fawwara Chow in the Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh. Reportedly last Sunday a boy was standing in the middle of the road carrying a board, in which he mentioned the qualities of his future life partner.

Denizens were shocked to see the boy’s unusual poster, but the boy’s advertisement created a stir in the area and everybody in the vicinity was rushing to see the boy.