Cassian Baliarsingh

An incredible video of a man playing basketball with an elephant has left the internet amazed and amused. The video shows an elephant enjoying a game of basketball with his human friend.

After being shared online, the video has garnered over 51.9K views and counting. People are in awe of the elephant’s talent. 

The video opens with a youth standing with a basketball on one side of a see-saw while a huge elephant is standing on the opposite side. Behind the elephant is a basketball pole with a net.

The man recording the video gives directions to the jumbo. As soon as it gets the directions, the pachyderm jumps and steps on the see-saw which leaves the youth go flying in the air. He swirls in the air and directly throws the basketball inside the net.

The talent of the pachyderm to co-operate with the youth for the incredible video has left the internet amazed. Social media users took to the comment section to heap praises on the jumbo.

“You guys are just wow,” commented a user while another wrote, “Elephants are the best.”

A third user commented, “Yeah never underestimate a human who enslaves a wild animal to perform the stunt.”

“Wow, that was something out of this world,” commented a fourth user.

Earlier, a video of a man playing piano for a mother elephant and its calf had gone viral. The mama elephant and her baby also patiently enjoy the man’s performance. They also move their trunks as if to appreciate his melodious performance.