Cassian Baliarsingh

Destination weddings with extravagant affairs have become common now, thanks to Indian celebrities and the Instagram trends. Everyone wants to go overboard to make their Big Day, a special occasion.

Every couple now wants grand entries, exotic locations and grand celebrations like celebrities. While only the rich can afford such grand weddings, it has become a trend on Instagram now.

Meanwhile, a groom booked an entire plane for his family and relatives for his wedding destination. The happy guests can be seen waving, cheering and making heart shapes with their hands as someone records the video.

A video of the enthusiastic guests inside the flight is now going viral. The video was shared by an Instagram page ‘The Shubh Wedding’.

The caption of the video reads, “Ride to get @drolia_shagun home.”

According to sources, the groom from India had booked the flight to fly to Kathmandu, Nepal for the wedding. The excited groom has been identified as Bhuwan. He is also seen on the flight with mehendi in his hand, making goofy faces for the camera.

After being shared online, the video has been receiving lots of love from social media users. It has garnered a massive 17 lakh views with the numbers increasing every second.

“Bas Itna Amir Hona Hai,” commented a user while another user commented, “Tell me you are rich without telling it.”

However, many social media users weren’t too happy and termed it as a show-off and a waste of money. Many even trolled the relatives for taking advantage of the groom.