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An auto driver from Amravati in Maharashtra has left everyone on social media stunned with his impressive English-speaking skills. An amused eyewitness recorded the driver’s speaking skills and uploaded it on Instagram which has gone viral.

The viral video shows an elderly auto driver speaking in English and telling the importance of knowing the language. “What I am telling you, listen to me very carefully, if you know English, you can go to London, Paris, America…. If you don’t know English, you cannot go there,” the auto driver can be heard saying in the video.

Giving an example of the importance of English, the auto driver says, “If you are in a London hotel and ask the waiter for a glass of water, you will get water. But, if you ask him in Marathi, then the waiter will throw you out of the hotel.”

Sharing the video, the Instagram user wrote, “Today, I met a very astonished gentleman who is an auto-driver. We had a very fun conversation, but for me it was very surprising that he is very fluent in English and trying to educate people to learn interesting language.”

Since being shared online, the video has garnered millions of views with over 224K likes. Netizens cannot help but heap praises on the elderly auto driver in the comments section.

“I hope this reel reaches to the right person and uncle gets recognition 🙏,” shared a user. Another user commented, “Chacha ki English to mere se bhi behtar hai 😂😢”

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“He's English is much better than mine after 16 years of education 🥲🙂,” commented another user.

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