Manoj Kumar Jena

Chips are the immediate grab for youths and it is widely consumed by people when it comes to satisfying immediate cravings. Chips brands come up with several flavours to retain customers. 

However, the quantity that is offered in a Rs 5 packet has often irked people. Even people have satirically claimed that the packets contain more air than chips. 

Recently, a video that has gained attention has raised many questions. A person who bought a Rs 5 chips packet took to his X handle and expressed his disappointment after finding only two chips inside the packet. In the clip, it can be seen that the person opens the packet only to find two chips inside, whereas the company claimed 15gms of chips in the packet.  

The video was shared by X user @Divyans60201407, who wrote, “Today's snack session took an unexpected turn. Purchased a 5 rupee classic salted pack with hopeful anticipation, only to unveil a mere TWO chips inside. Is this the new standard? As a loyal customer, this falls short of expectations.” (SIC)

After seeing the video the netizens filled the comments section with their opinions. 
One user wrote, “Ohhh wow!!! You got chips there... I thought you only get flavoured air inside the packet!!! Lucky you!” another user wrote, “They are also helping you with your diet.” (SIC)

Watch the video below: