Soumya Prakash Pradhan

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) offers exciting wrestling matches that captivate audiences. Recently, in Japan, two professional wrestlers took their fight to a whole new level by grappling inside a high-speed bullet train, delighting passengers.

This WWE-style match was arranged by Tokyo's DDT Pro-Wrestling and took place in a train carriage filled with 75 passengers.

The tickets for the battle between Minoru Suzuki and Sanshiro Takagi sold out in just 30 minutes.

The fight occurred during a Shinkansen bullet train journey from Tokyo to Nagoya, and it quickly became a viral sensation on social media.

In the video, Mr Suzuki and Mr Takagi showcased impressive athleticism, even performing moves like the piledriver while wrestling on the moving train.

Passengers thoroughly enjoyed the match, with many recording it on their smartphones.

As the video went viral, internet users react. One user jokingly said, "Inspired by the Delhi metro train 🚆" while another reflected on the changing nature of humanity stating, "Dekh tere insaan ki halat kya ho gye bhagwan kitna bdl gya insaan."

Yet another user proudly remarked, "Bss Itnaa Hi... Kuch Bhi Ho... Hmare Delhi Metro Ki Barawari Koi Nhii Karr Saktaa!😑" 

Finally, someone simply appreciated the entertainment provided to the passengers and wrote, "Good entertainment for the passengers."