Rashmi Ranjan

Cab drivers being subjected to harassment are nothing new in India. There are several instances where these cab drivers have been harassed by passengers or other commuters without any fault of theirs.

Recently, a video of a woman being criticized by passersby for allegedly thrashing a cab driver on Delhi streets surfaced on internet.

In a viral video, a woman in the uniform of a reputed mobile manufacturing brand can be seen holding the cab driver by his collar while the onlookers can be heard slamming the woman for her unruly behaviour.

“Koi niyam kanoon nahn hai desh main? Gundraaj hai ye? 5 thappad mare hain apne.. 5 thappad…” a man can be heard saying in the video. (sic)

The man even says to call police to teach a lesson to the woman. 

In the second part of the video, the scene further heats up after the woman attempts to attack the bystanders.

The video has so far garnered over 1.09 lakh views while internet users have lambasted the woman for her arrogance.

“Orto ko zada he smjh aa gya k mahila h koi kuch ni kahega .. humesha bs doosro ko galti hoti h,” commented one user. (sic)

An user extended support to the man who helped the driver and wrote, “Salute Bhai koo jo b thaa” while another one wrote, “Chamka diya aunty ko...” (sic)