Poonam Singh

Love can conquer anything in the world and it also transcends barriers of age, gender and cast etc. Recently, a couple in Pakistan proved that love can bring two people together despite differences in their financial background, lifestyle and job. Their unique love story has gone viral on the internet and has left netizens amazed.

It all started when Ayesha, a woman from an affluent family in Pakistan, fell in love with a car mechanic, Jisen, who repaired the tyres of her car.

The couple has shared their love story on a YouTube channel. Speaking to the channel’s host, Syed Basit Ali, the couple revealed how they met and fell in love with each other and got married eventually.

In the interview, Ayesha explained how she met Jisen for the first time accidentally after her tyre punctured during one of her journeys. She revealed that before Jisen, she had sought help from some people to help her fix her tyre, but to no avail. The least they could do is to help in pushing the car to Jisen’s shop.

Ayesha said she appreciated the fact that Jisen was extremely helpful and quickly fixed the tyre of her vehicle. He also went out of his way to make Ayesha comfortable while she waited to get her vehicle fixed. He offered her tea and got her vehicle ready. Jisen's caring attitude left a lasting impression on her.

Ayesha was so impressed with Jisen that she fell in love with him and repeatedly tried to grab every chance to meet him. She intentionally punctured her car just to meet Jisen. Later, she expressed her love and the pair decided to get married.

When asked about his view, Jisen expressed his joy at the marriage and highlighted how Ayesha never misses an opportunity to tease him about his job.

Reacting to it, Ayesha burst out laughing and stated that she loves him regardless of his job.

You can watch the interview by clicking HERE.