Poonam Singh

On social media, we come across scores of cheating stories. However, only a handful of them go viral. Below, we have listed some of the viral cheating stories which left netizens stunned and shocked.

Woman catches husband with another lady in hotel room

A wife allegedly caught her husband red-handed with his girlfriend in a hotel room in Agra.

In the viral video, the irked wife can be seen thrashing both of them fiercely with slippers. The accused husband and his girlfriend can be seen shocked and apologizing to his wife with folded hands.

However, the wife seemed to know about her husband's cheating and had previously warned him not to indulge in such activities. She was heard saying that despite giving him many opportunities to mend his ways, he never paid heed to her.

To watch the video, click HERE .

Woman catches husband marrying for 3rd time

A high-voltage drama unfolded at a marriage venue after a woman reportedly caught her husband during his third marriage. 

As seen in the video, the woman along with her son arrived at the wedding venue. She created a ruckus at the venue while claiming that the groom is her husband. She also claimed that the man already has two wives and she informed about his third marriage to his second wife. 

“He is my husband and father of my child. He (husband) said he was going to Hyderabad for three days but here he is marrying for the second time (excluding marriage with her)," the woman is heard saying in the video. 

Wife catches husband with another woman during Karwa Chauth shopping

Karwa Chauth shopping turned a disaster for a woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad after she spotted her husband with another woman. The enraged wife then thrashed both of them ruthlessly.

In the video, the woman can be heard saying that her husband is shopping with his girlfriend. The man can also be heard saying that they have filed for divorce. But the wife and her family member say that their divorce is not finalised yet.

Bride cheats on groom during wedding

A groom reportedly cancelled his marriage on the D-day after he found out that his bride went to meet her ex-boyfriend just before the wedding ceremony.

According to reports, the incident took place in Kasoa, Ghana. In the viral video, the bride can be seen wailing and requesting her heartbroken groom not to leave her and cancel their marriage.

Some family and friends of the couple can also be seen trying to convince the groom but he doesn't pay any heed to their requests and storms out of the venue.

Woman catches husband dancing with another girl

A man can be seen dancing in close proximity with a girl in a discotheque, however, later it turned ugly after the man’s wife arrive.

Seeing her there the man stops dancing. The infuriated 'wife' can be seen removing her sandal and asking the man what was happening and why he stopped dancing. She can be seen lashing out at her 'husband' for his behaviour. She was also seen thrashing him.