Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

It is said girls get easily jealous of anything. Even though they own something, within their heart, they wish no one else should have it. It could be anything, from expensive clothes, jewellery, a vehicle, cash, intelligence, grades, to even a handsome boyfriend. These things can irk a girl easily. 

Besides, a girl can get irked easily when she finds a competitor who can challenge her in every aspect! Here we bring a video in which two women picked up a fight after they felt insecure while proving their skills in twerking.

In the video, the two women are seen twerking to a popular music beat at a club. While all others present in the club are busy enjoying the music, both the women continue with their dance. As it seems from their actions, both challenged each other and are trying to prove who twerks better.

However, suddenly, one of the women hits the other and in her defence, the second woman also attacks her. Soon the fight turns violent as both grab each other, start blowing fists and kicks continuously and also roll on the ground. 

The video shared by ‘Bahar Ke Kalesh’ on Twitter has so far garnered over 1.8 million views and hundreds of likes. The video has also triggered hilarious comments and netizens are just enjoying it.

WATCH the video below: