Poonam Singh

A wedding celebration in Uttar Pradesh turned into a violent bloodbath after an “infuriated and inebriated” groom allegedly killed the bride’s 9-year-old brother and ran over his SUV on three women while fleeing after a row over sweets quality served in the marriage function.

According to a Times of India report, the wedding mayhem took place in Farrukhabad’s Shamshabad area in 2020. 

Reportedly, the groom, Manoj Kumar, a resident of nearby Atsaini Paharpur village, had come with ‘baraat’ to Govindpur Ahdullahpur village. 

The initial gaiety disappeared when the groom and his friends started quarrelling with the bride’s family over “bad food arrangement”, especially the sweets.

When one of the relatives intervened to solve the issue, they fired a bullet at him from a country-made pistol.

Though the bullet did not hit him, amid the pandemonium Manoj and his friends caught hold of nine-year-old Pranshu, the younger brother of the bride who was serving water to them, and fled in their SUV. While they were fleeing, the men ran over two women and a teenage girl who was at the wedding venue, leaving them critically injured.

"While fleeing, they ran their SUV over two women and a teenage girl, leaving them with serious injuries. We made several calls to Manoj to return along with Pranshu, but he refused. At 3 a.m. the next morning, he left my brother's body in the village and fled," Punit, the elder brother of the deceased told IANS.

According to the First Information Report (FIR), the bride’s father stated, “Manoj Kumar drove a speeding SUV over people standing on the roadside and injured three women relatives. My nine-year-old son was also killed by the groom and his friends.”

"Initial investigation suggests that men from both sides were engaged in a heated argument. The groom drove an SUV over three relatives and possibly also the boy. The victim's body has been sent for post-mortem. The report will tell if the child was run over by a vehicle or was strangled," Kamayganj Circle officer Rajveer Singh Gaur told IANS.